Fabrics you can choose.

Here you see the texture of fabrics and select the most appropriate you need for your own design or just select one of our own and customize your own colors.

Code: 2615

Composition: Pes/Spun/Elast 90/10%
Weight: 200 gr
Weight: 1,68 cm
M/Kg: 2,9 M/Kg


Code: 2999

Composition: Sweatshirt Pes/Spun 100%
Weight: 155 gr
Weight: 1,88 cm
M/Kg: 3,4 M/Kg


Code: 2743

Composition: Pes 100% Spun
Weight: 150 gr
Weight: 1,80 cm
M/Kg: 2,7 M/Kg



The creative designs that will send us must feet the following requirements:

  • Be in the maximum resolution 300dpi
  • In actual size (eg. 60×80 cm)
  • And in RGB color mode

Code: 3189

Composition: Pes/Spun 100% Flamma
Weight: 110 gr
Weight: 1,66 cm
M/Kg: 5,5 M/Kg


Code: 633

Composition: Poly/Visc 65%/35%
Weight: 140 gr
Weight: 1,70 cm
M/Kg: 4,2 M/Kg


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