Our Services.

Our priority is to offer creative suggestions with flawless quality printing customer’s fabric, perfectly adapted to the possibilities and needs.


Dye Sublimation

The transfer method with pre printing paper to press designs onto fabric can produce colorful prints, high-resolution from small to large over all dimensions (roll to roll | roll to piece). This includes a wide range of clothes like swimwear, sports, male clothes/industry, decoration with fabric and much more.

Silk Printing

With the silk printing method is the transfer, visualization of the design using frame with gauze in which you apply the color to the fabric and then baked in special ovens. We have the ability to print up to 12 colors, so the design (mock-up) is durable. The silk printing can be combined with other methods of decoration so you can achieve an unconventional score and perfect just for you. The advantages of silk printing include:

  • Permanent Display
  • Project plan without bubbles, wrinkles or torn corners
  • Are waterproof and abrasion problem-free
  • Printing few but and thousands of pieces


Under construction


Our company has adequately equipped to serve you a large variety of samples from there you can choose the suitable for you showing you our collection or contact us to create one.


The company in order to offer proposals to update range prints fashion has its own specialized creative group designs. Creative undertakes the planning proposals when customer order and the individual company's collection. The conception of the collection is based on current trends relating to prints and fashion shopping experience.